Laura Cain, filmmaker and owner of In The Hollow Films, first met Tonier during filming on the 2007 short documentary Behind Closed Doors:  Trauma Survivors and the Psychiatric System. They became life-long friends and teamed up to make Healing Neen, which captured Tonier’s story through 2009.  Since that time, her journey has become even more remarkable.  Tonier’s current biography includes:


  • International speaker on trauma, incarceration, and recovery.
  • Author, Healing Neen
  • CEO and founder of Healing Neen Inc.
  • Founder and President of ” Neen Cares, Inc”
  • Founder and Co-CEO of MET-R a global nonprofit providing services for trauma survivors worldwide
  • Former team leader for the National Center for Trauma-Informed Care, with the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors
  • Featured in many articles and a guest on over 17 talks shows including a feature in December 2014 Ebony Magazine.
  • Producer of stage production “The Tonier Cain Story”
  • Executive Producer for Walking Thru Bullets, an In The Hollow Films documentary
  • Board Advisor of film “Like Any Other Kid”


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